Thursday, October 7, 2010

tough days..

the last couple of days have been tough if not tougher.. some "discussions" with your folks.. but I know that you´d back me up... we always were on the same side of the page..

we still have some issues to resolve regarding the car.. which shouldn´t be one.. but I don´t know why they want  to make an issue out of it.. I guess you know too how they are.. but don´t worry.. you gave so much to everybody including them it´s not fair for anyone to still wanna take from you.. I won´t let that happen

our boy has been doing great in school.. he has adjusted amazingly... and I was told the other kids thanked God that he was there with them as a classmate..

our baby is as crazy as ever.. she just moves so much... I think she misses you messing up with her... :)

I finally got one bank settled.. still have to do a few more.. but it seems as it going somewhere.. hopefully the rest are as easy as this one was..

it´s just overwhelming the amount of stuff one has to do.. and all on top of the pain.. just too much to bear..

I can´t believe you´re gone.. I so want you back honey... I don´t wanna sound so co-dependent.. but I love you so much.. a part of me was ripped off and it hurts so much...

I once again dreamed about you in regards our baby´s name.. still not sure if what I dreamed was a clue.. in a way I think it was you really talking to me..

wish you were here...

sending you all my love,

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