Monday, August 22, 2011

Triple wham..

well.. I came back today and realize I hadn´t written in a while.. thought I did.. guess I only did in FB.. but that doesn´t means i don´t think of you on a daily basis.. THAT I do.. ALWAYS...

today I´ll resume 3 important dates..
my B-day: it was a good day.. very hard not having you here to share it with me.. to grow older with me.. to wake up next to me.. but overall it was good.. family came over.. we ate cake.. which was the one we had at our wedding.. oh.. so very happy times.. I love how one simple thing can make me go back in time.. just wished sometimes I could actually go back in time.. :(

our son´s B-day: he turned 8.. it´s hard for me not having you here to see him grow.. to teach him.. to help him.. and as time goes by it will be harder.. he missed you too.. he always has something to say about you.. he remembers a lot of good times you had.. how you played, you laughed, how happy he was to have you as a dad..
his B-day was also a good day.. we went to your folks on the actual day.. we had cake.. he got lovely presents and had a good time.. then on saturday we went to McD´s so he could have a "mini" party with his cousins.. well, my cousins kids actually.. he had a blast playing there.. and also got nice presents.. then he should have this week the "formal" party at school..

and the third date, first day of school: today our kid is one year older.. and officially a 3rd grader.. wow.. time has really flown by.. when did he grow up so fast?... needless to say he didn´t wanted to wake up or go to school.. but who wants to wake up  at 6 after two months of pure play, staying up late and waking up at 9.. haha.. he´ll do fine..
he´s a very smart kid.. and hopefully he´ll turn up like you.. with a brilliant mind.. not for anything he got the academic achievement diploma last year.. given he changed school, classmates, teacher, city.. and had just lost you..

we miss you everyday.. just as the first day.. some days are harder than others.. but in each and every one there you are.. in my mind.. and in my heart.. to make me cry.. to make me laugh.. but most of all to make me wanna have you here..

can´t believe it´s almost been a year.. and still not one day goes by that I wish it was just a bad dream.. a nightmare I´d like to wake up from.. an alternate reality I wished I could get out of...

love really hurts..

I love you.. ALWAYS will..