Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today would´ve have been a special day... your birthday.. but if it weren´t for today we wouldn´t have met and our kids wouldn´t have been born.. so, in a way, it is still a happy day..

it would´ve been happier if you were here.. any day would be happier with you..

I miss you so much babe..

I dreamed about you last night.. just wished it wasn´t a dream.. as you were here with us..

at times I get a lil blue.. especially on this kind of dates.. kind of bittersweet times.. you being here would help make it easier..

I miss you in so many ways I lost count..

it might not be as a happy day as it should.. but I´m thankful it once was.. when I had you

Happy Birthday my dearest one!!

We love you Daddy!!!

with all my love,

Monday, February 14, 2011

OUR Valentine´s Day..

another date has come in which it´s hard not having you around..

12 yrs ago was a very special Valentine´s Day.. and one I´ll never forget.. it was our first Valentine´s Day ever..

thinking back I can´t help but smile.. and as I do.. having tears flowing down too..

it´s weird how years went by.. wow.. 12 of them.. and that very first Valentine´s Day just comes back so vividly.. :).. I remember the rose you gave me.. my first one..I remember going to the nutcraker.. my fave music.. Tchaikovsky..Sugar Plum Dance.. love it.. even if I was not into theatre or ballet.. you made my day remembering I loved that song..

all of our own way of romance.. I´d do it all over again.. and again and again..

why can´t there be a rewind button in life?.. I´d make then everything go in slow motion..

I´m not gonna say that I´m going to miss all those things we did.. because I already do.. I miss you..

we were never the tipey romantic type.. but you always managed to impress me.. I love you babe!!

we never dedicated ONE day to love and I´m glad we loved each other 24/7 365.. and even if you´re not physically here.. my love and heart will always be yours..

thinking of you daily...

Happy Valentine´s my Love!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today.. eight years ago.. was the best day ever.. it was the day we got married..

The day we started living our lives together.. the day you made my dreams come true.. the day we became one in God´s eyes... the day our fabulous journey as a married couple began...

for almost 8 yrs we were married... together for 12.. and in those years I´ve was so happy..
I laughed.. I cried.. I was happy.. I was sad.. but most of all I was grateful to have you in my life..

since we started dating I knew you were the one, and boy, was I right..

you really made my life better by your side..

I sill remember our wedding.. despite it being very simple.. the sole fact to actually getting married to you made it perfect.. I loved every second of it.. and surprisingly enough not one thing went wrong that day.. it was a day meant to be.. :D

We never had a proper honeymoon.. like the ones most people have.. but we sure didn´t need going somewhere fancy for that..just being with one another was sufficient enough.. I know you wanted to take me somewhere.. and I told you, you didn´t had to.. I really meant that.. you had given me more than I could´ve asked.. a life with you.. it didn´t matter where we were.. just being there was enough for me..

I wish we were able to celebrate this year too.. another year of you putting up with me and my quirks.. another one me putting up with yours.. :p

there´s a huge void in my heart.. that will never be filled again.. I love you so much.. it hurts knowing you´ll never be here again..

the years we shared were so precious.. but clearly not enough.. I wish there were plenty more..

so.. even if you´re in Heaven..      Happy Anniversary My Love!!!!

yours always,