Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today would´ve have been a special day... your birthday.. but if it weren´t for today we wouldn´t have met and our kids wouldn´t have been born.. so, in a way, it is still a happy day..

it would´ve been happier if you were here.. any day would be happier with you..

I miss you so much babe..

I dreamed about you last night.. just wished it wasn´t a dream.. as you were here with us..

at times I get a lil blue.. especially on this kind of dates.. kind of bittersweet times.. you being here would help make it easier..

I miss you in so many ways I lost count..

it might not be as a happy day as it should.. but I´m thankful it once was.. when I had you

Happy Birthday my dearest one!!

We love you Daddy!!!

with all my love,

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