Sunday, May 15, 2011

Teacher´s Day

you were always my favorite teacher.. not only because you were a Master in criminal law.. but because you taught me so many things..

you taught me love.. you taught me life´s greatest things.. with you I learned to be a wife.. to be a girl.. to be a mom..

with you I learned love does wonders and goes for miles.. I learned that no matter what, love always prevails..
I learned to listen those unspoken words.. I learned to see the unviewable actions.. I learned to feel with my heart..

I learned life was not easy.. but I also learned it was worth it..

I learnt a lot along our path together.. and I´m grateful for every step.. I just wished you could be here to keep on teaching me.. or even slapping the back of my head :p ..I love to remember you... but I´d love more if you were here...

one thing I can say... I learned from THE BEST..

love you forever,