Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another First Year..

Today is our daughter´s first birthday.. it´s incredible how time flies by.. it´s like if yesterday she was this tiny ball of a baby who was dedicated to sleep and eat.. and now she´s this little girl who moves non-stop .. grabs everything within reach, loves to make noise, bump things, eat things, and it just soooo grown up..

I can´t believe all the changes she´s gone through.. even though I had been there before.. it´s one of those thing you give fro granted you know.. but once you relive it, wow.. amazing how a baby grows.. and more so if you thing of them as just being two minuscule little cells and now being the way they are..

I truly with all my heart wished you were here to see her and our son grow.. I wish you could have met her and enjoy the daughter we had prayed to have one day.. and that she was given to us..

I wish you could see her smile, hear her blabbing, which in times she seems to say dad :´) .. I wish you could have been able to hold her in your arms and see that we really did improved the species :P

but despite all that.. I know you had a special time.. and had her in your heart.. the times you spoked to her through my belly.. only you, her and God know what was all that.. she might not remember this as she grows.. but her heart and soul will... and even if you´re not here, physically, I know you are watching over all of us... I just hope to make you proud and happy to see them everyday..

today was a good day... a day to remember the legacy you left.. a day to remember that good things do happen to those who wait.. a day to remember that no matter what we´ll ALWAYS be one..

to the first of many years.. Happy Birthday sweetie! mommy and daddy and brother love you..

miss you hon,