Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why, hello stranger..

that´s what I´d expected you to say.. if you were here reading this.. it´s hard to come and write.. not because I don´t want to .. or because I don´t know what to write.. or because I´m short of time.. it´s because every time I do my heart aches and pours itself inside out.. my tears flow.. and my soul cries..

time keeps going by.. not so much the pain.. that seems to keep on growing..

love hurts... love really hurts...  it´s got to the point that whenever I see something that reminds me of something or makes me think ahead of things that might be... I get this feeling like throwing up.. I don´t, but the feeling is there..

it gets triggered by a song.. a place.. our home.. a shirt.. a shoe.. a pic.. of you.. of us.. of our kids.. of times that won´t be.. even the name of some countries.. countries on our travel wishlist.. baseball.. I miss baseball.. I wish you could be here so we could go to enjoy just another game.. another day.. another year.. another lifetime..

I miss you so incredibly freaking much!! ...

and I love you with all that I´ve got.. from here to eternity..