Saturday, March 5, 2011

not much to say...

other than.. :(

and I miss you so much!!!

although it has been a few months.. it still seems so unreal.. I can´t seem to be convinced it has happened..

and what´s worse.. my heart shatters every time I remind it it is.. which is pretty often..
I find myself thinking of you.. sometimes as if you were here.. wondering what are you doing.. then come back to reality.. and it hurts..

why you?.. why us?.. why now?.. why ever?.. what is wrong with people these days..I just can´t believe there´s such evil in the world

you would´ve made a better world.. you did with mine..

our boy has always been your clone..and now our girl.. maybe it´s just me.. and my desire to have you still.. but she does look like you too.. except for skin n eye color.. she got that from me.. :).. but her ears.. it´s like if I´m seeing yours.. her feet.. even her sweaty lil hands.. and even if they remind me of you they also make me miss you more..

I´m glad our boy got to know you.. and play and grow with you.. not enough.. but he has a good memory of you.. what is sad is that our girl never had that chance.. never will.. she´ll get to know you by what we say but it will never be the same..

our kids are such happy kids.. i wish you could be here to see them grow.. to share with them their milestones..

it´s been hard.. as I can´t be a dad.. don´t know how to be.. I miss you.. if only you could come back..

all my love,

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