Monday, February 14, 2011

OUR Valentine´s Day..

another date has come in which it´s hard not having you around..

12 yrs ago was a very special Valentine´s Day.. and one I´ll never forget.. it was our first Valentine´s Day ever..

thinking back I can´t help but smile.. and as I do.. having tears flowing down too..

it´s weird how years went by.. wow.. 12 of them.. and that very first Valentine´s Day just comes back so vividly.. :).. I remember the rose you gave me.. my first one..I remember going to the nutcraker.. my fave music.. Tchaikovsky..Sugar Plum Dance.. love it.. even if I was not into theatre or ballet.. you made my day remembering I loved that song..

all of our own way of romance.. I´d do it all over again.. and again and again..

why can´t there be a rewind button in life?.. I´d make then everything go in slow motion..

I´m not gonna say that I´m going to miss all those things we did.. because I already do.. I miss you..

we were never the tipey romantic type.. but you always managed to impress me.. I love you babe!!

we never dedicated ONE day to love and I´m glad we loved each other 24/7 365.. and even if you´re not physically here.. my love and heart will always be yours..

thinking of you daily...

Happy Valentine´s my Love!!

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