Friday, October 8, 2010

just beautiful..

I received this from a relative.. really made me bawl my eyes out.. but even so.. loved it..

it reads like this

"For those I loved and loved me

When I leave, let me go...
Don´t tie yourselves to me in tears.
For all the wonderful years we lived together
let´s thank God.
If you have to cry, let the faith in God comfort your pain
life goes on, I´ll be near, you´ll feel the warmth of my love in your hearts.
And when you have to travel this path
standing next to God I will welcome you with a smile and say:
Welcome!, we now shall never part again!"

I cried so bad...

when I was taking a shower I was thinking how to translate it as it was in spanish and i started to cry again..
my tears got confused with the water pouring down my face.. but most of that were tears...

I miss you my love,

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