Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why can´t it be just a nightmare..

a really really bad one.. but just that..

it´s so unreal.. I can´t.. don´t want it to be true.. any time I see your pic I just want to wake up..

why can´t that be the reality..

it´s very hard to overcome the thought you won´t be here any more.. so hard to remember all the great times we shared.. I was just seeing some pics you had on your phone.. pics of all of us together.. I want more of those moments!!..

I want to see the evolution of this pic.. the growth in members.. but that´s not gonna happen now.. why?? why??!! WHY!!!!...

we miss you so much.. wish things could be different.. I just wish you to hug me.. real tight, so I could go to sleep in your arms once again.. and in the morning open my eyes and see you again..

my love goes to you,

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