Thursday, December 23, 2010

today we saw a lil light in our way...

Really it´s not the way I or anyone wants to finally OWN their house... but today was a good day afterall.. I was notified I need no longer make payments on our house.. it´s finally OURS!!.. no need to pay for 15+ yrs.. not anymore..

It certainly lifted a huuuuge weight off my back.. I know you had your play in this.. and I cannot thank you enough babe.. I would willingly without a doubt keep on paying if you could come back.. that´s for sure and you know it.. I know you know..

I still need to submit some paperwork but that´s another story..

It was also perfect timing.. just before Christmas.. so I take it as your gift to us.. :´)

This times will be hard on us all.. but I´m sure you´ll make your way to show us you are amongst us.. and you´ll live forever in our hearts.. your life was short but your memory will be eternal..

with all my love,

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