Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Velcro baby..

I really don´t know why.. but our baby girl is like glued to me.. she just loves being carried but my arms ache already.. she´s fine on her crib and all but at times she just won´t sleep if she´s not in my arms.. the second I pick her up, she stops crying..

she´s so funny too.. does make my face smile.. as well as our boy.. he´s loving being a big bro.. so cute!!

wish you were here to see.. and maybe stay up late with me when baby wakes up ;)..

one never realizes how important is not to be mad at each other.. I´m thankful we weren´t.. I would not be able to forgive myself.. it´s painful as it is.. I cannot imagine what I´d do if we parted mad at each other..

your smile and that last hug and kiss...... priceless...

why can´t you be here to give us more priceless moments...

the hole in my heart is permanent.. so as our love...


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