Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve..

Not really sure how to start or what to write..

My eyes leak.. my throat chokes.. my heart aches.. and in my mind it´s only you...

I don´t know how this day is going to go.. there´s this void that won´t be filled by anyone or anything.. and you are deeply missed Mr., more than I could´ve thought...

It´s kinda bittersweet.. your memory makes me happy for the times we had and the things you left behind.. but ti also makes me sad as from now on you won´t be tagging along.. physically that is..

Some days I laugh at myself as I find me thinking "I have a hair of him or his DNA.. maybe I should preserve it".. yeah I know.. that´s why I laugh.. but hey, can you blame me for wanting you back?..

Tonight will definitely be a tough day.. but I know you´ll be watching over..

I can´t promise I won´t cry.. because I will.. I already am
I can´t promise I won´t break.. cause not having you here is the worse
what I CAN promise you, is that I´ll love you forever.. that I´ll keep strong for our kids.. and that your memory will never fade..EVER

You were and are THE greatest man.. I´m lucky for loving you and you loving me back.. till we meet again

Merry Christmas my love,

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