Saturday, December 11, 2010

baby´s first month

Yesterday was our baby´s first month-day.. yeah I know, that´s not a word.. but you get me.. you always did.. me and my weird made up words..."supongando".. haha.. I remember how that made you laugh and yet expected me to say it everytime.. love you hon..

anyway, back on topic.. our baby is growing so much.. almost 3 cms long.. and a really nice baby.. still getting used to waking in the middle of the night but overall great.. no health concerns at all.. she´s a very avid eater.. lol.. she really wears me out.. but I guess it´s worth it..

still to this day I cannot figure out what color her eyes are going to be.. but she has lovely eyes nonetheless.. just as our boys were.. not in color.. but his are also lovely...

something I cannot help either is feeling sad.. cry.. choke.. everytime I see a pic of you or think about anything that involves/d you.. in a way that´s good.. you really were a huge part of my life and I wanna keep it that way.. only thing I want is to make the pain go away.. but it seems that´s not gonna happen.. I miss you with all my heart... give me strength babe..I need you with me..

always yours,

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