Thursday, July 7, 2011

I bet you are..

Today was the graduation ceremony for the kids in 6th grade as well as 3rd in Junior High..

well.. I got a call from the Principal´s office to tell me our boy was going to receive a diploma so he had to attend..

we did... he was given an academic achievement diploma.. even though he was the "new kid".. he demonstrated what he´s capable of.. no wonder there.. just look at the example and genes you left there ;) .. I was so proud of him as I know you are too.. just wished you were here to share this moment too..

I hope he keeps up the good work because the innate ability he already has it.. thank you babe for "improving the species" with me ;)..

I know one day he´ll be the man you´ve wanted him to be... a man of good and prosperity.. a man of success.. just like you..

have a grill party up there given the occasion.. ask Phred to join... I´ve heard he likes em too.. ;) ..

still missing you hon,

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  1. Hola...!

    Muchas felicidades por la graduación de tu hijo... =), tambièn tu esposo estuvo en ese momento... Aunque claro que nosotros quisièramos verlos y que todo fuese como antes. Es un montòn de sentiemientos encontrados, porque, sabemos que allá donde estàn, están mejor, pero eso no quita que los sigamos extrañando y que, quisieramos que estuvieran aqui.

    Nos seguimos leyendo Isa =)