Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father´s Day

this day, June 19th, we celebrate Father´s Day.. tough to do it without you.. I know you are not my dad but you are our kids dad.. and it´s hard that most everyone gets to celebrate this day while they don´t have you here.. it breaks my heart..

our boy had they joy to have you as a dad.. he had the chance to be with you.. to love you and be loved back.. to play with you.. you were a great example of a dad.. always looking after your family and giving only the best to us.. our kid had the fortune to have you as a dad... guess I picked you well ;) (love you)

our girl wasn´t as lucky.. you were taken away too soon.. for all of us.. but with her is that she never met you.. I know she knew you while still in the womb.. and she knew back then how much she was loved by you.. she could feel the love while you rubbed my belly.. she heard your voice while you talked to her.. what you said to her only you and her know.. you never told me.. it was something between you two.. and I know that she loves you just as much in her little heart..

I´m glad that somehow things worked the way they worked... I "picked" you to make me a mom.. and I was fortunate to make you a dad.. and you were a dad in all the extension of the word..

you´ll always be missed.. many important times will come that could only be filled by your presence.. Father´s Day being one of them..

I hasn´t gotten any easier.. or better.. you just need to keep on rollin´ but the heartbreak remains and the pain becomes a normal part of your life you get used to live with it.. but it surely doesn´t gets easier

always loved, always remembered, always grateful, for the time we shared, for the love we felt, for the kids we had...

Happy Father´s Day my love!!

to the greatest, bestest, awesomest dad I could´ve ever asked for my kids to have...

always in our hearts,

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  1. Hola Isa...

    Siempre llegò a blogs con un dejo de tristeza o melancolìa, siempre me topo a gente que està atravesando por un duelo de cualquier índole. No puedo comprender como es que te sientes porque no estoy en tus zapatos, pero, conozco como es sentir un enorme vacío... He perdido tres niños y es como vivir una vida paralela, por un lado sé que tengo dos hijas y por otro, sé que tengo tres hijos en algùn sitio.

    He leìdo tu blog, y siento esa nostalgia de cuando atreviesas las primeras fases de un duelo, de una pérdida irreparable. No soy una experta en el tema pero, comprendo como te sientes en el sentido de que, la personas que amabas pues, ya no està a tu lado fisìcamente.

    Es un recuerdo muy bonito llevar un blog... Yo tambièn tengo uno desde hace años...

    Cuidate y recibe un gran abrazo.