Saturday, June 4, 2011

Awesomest dream...

last night I had the most awesomest dream ever..

of course it involved you.. it was a dream I did not want to wake up.. and a dream I wished with all my heart was true..

there I was watching TV or something.. then I heart this noise by the door.. I turned around to see YOU standing there.. in a yellow shirt.. with a big smile.. it took me a second to react and for my brain to process it was you standing there.. then I ran as fast as the wind into your arms.. holding you so tight my eyes started to explode in tears..

I just wasn´t able to let go.. I´m sure if anyone saw me right at that time I was most definitely smiling in my sleep..

I just could not believe you were there, it was like I´ve always wanted to think of.. like if you were in some kind of witness protection program or something.. always there watching from a distance.. then the day came when you were able to come back to us.. to me..

the dream went on.. and I could feel my heart.. it was happy..

it might have been my subconscious.. as it always makes me have weird dreams.. but I know for sure that in this dream it was a truly connection with you.. what we talked about.. what you said to me .. no matter how amazing my brain might be.. I believe it was really you reaching out.. I want to believe.. :)

I didn´t want to wake up.. as I was feeling the transition from dream to reality.. and the lyrics to the song came to my mind.. "quiero dormir profundamente y no despertar llorando.. por la pena de no verte".. needless to say I woke in tears.. real tears..

I hope I can see you and meet you again like last night.. it was special.. you always are.. but last night I felt it real.. not just like a happy dream elaborated from my twisted brain..

I love you hun and I´ll always will

missing you,

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