Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lawyer´s Day..

Happy Lawyers Day my love!!

you are the most outstanding lawyer many have met.. and certainly one to be proud of.. you took law and applied it accordingly.. you were a seeker of justice.. a man who wanted to make a change in the world..

well.. you did changed my world.. and excelled at life.. no wonder why envy was around you..

"if the dogs bark.. is because you´re passing them by".. you certainly did.. and in great measure..

you managed to surpass your elders.. the student became the teacher.. and no one will ever be as great as you were.. not in my life.. not in the professional field.. you achieved so many goals.. so many, most people won´t even ever dream of them..

the seed you left is blooming.. no better example for our kids than you..

everyday we think of you.. my beloved husband...

I want to thank you once more.. cause I know somehow you were involved.. or at least I wanna think that way.. today, after almost 3 months we were given our girls passport.. yay!!.. so many hassles.. but it´s finally in my hands.. now we need to apply for the visa...

oh btw.. thank you for dropping by in my dreams.. loove it.. and love you the most

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