Monday, January 10, 2011

Big day today..

Today was a big day for our kids..

Our boy went back to school.. vacations are over.. so now back to getting up early and do homework
our girl turned 2 months old today.. time is flying.. I can´t believe how fast this months went by

"bad" part was our baby got also her 2month shots.. she is not a happy baby.. she´s been crying and whining.. aww poor girl.. wish I could have her discomfort and pain instead of her..

Our boy is over the chicken pox.. amazingly he had a very mild case of it.. thank God!!..

As for me, I really can´t help but cry my eyes out whenever I see a pic of you.. I start looking at pics to so some edit work.. then I smile as I remember what was going on when I took it.. then I cry because you´re not here.. then I smile because how happy that moment was.. then I cry because they´ll be no more moments like those..

In a way I don´t want to cry.. not because I don´t want to want, but because I don´t want to pass the sadness to out girl.. something I believe she might get while feeding her..

This months without you have been really hard.. call me weird.. you loved me that way anyway ;).. but I saw a text in my phone from you from a looong while ago.. it read "call me babe, I miss you".. needless to say I bursted in tears.. just as I´m doing as I type this.. I MISS YOU TOO!!!

I can´t seem to get past the denial phase.. I just can´t.. not right now.. not sure when..

sending you a big big hug, love you..

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